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Partnerships to Prevent Future Pandemics

World Resilience Summit is a call to action for better pandemic prevention and preparedness solutions for an efficient coordinated response across public and private sectors affected by COVID-19. Taking place on 24 May alongside the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva, the inaugural event will contribute to the implementation of the pandemic treaty. 

It will build public-private dialogue for creating and accelerating public-private partnership solutions for prevention, preparedness and risk management measures beyond the health sector. 

The 2023 Roadmap

World Resilience Summit the leading event of the World Health Network by the World Climate Foundation and convenes stakeholders from business, public sector, academia and civil society to address solutions for more resilient systems beyond the health sector. ​

Throughout 2023, we will have a roadmap of activities to gather relevant stakeholders and partners for outcomes and agenda points in an the ongoing network.


Prevention - Preparedness - Risk Management

The Summit will complement the pandemic treaty by using a public-private partnership approach to define the role of business and add further solutions within prevention, preparedness and risk management. This complementary approach is in general deemed critical under the One Health framework and a necessary add-on to the existing focus on human health. The Summit will focus on tackling the lack of preventative measures. 


Who Attends

World Resilience Summit convenes high-level stakeholders across science, governments, business and the public to facilitate collective action for a globally coordinated response.

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