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Contributing to the Implementation of the Pandemic Treaty With Public-Private Partnership Solutions


The inaugural World Resilience Summit will drive agenda setting for pandemic prevention, preparedness and risk management following the pandemic treaty. The Summit will facilitate collective decision making within environmental, economic and societal impact areas by uniting stakeholders across science, business, governments and society. 

The Summit will complement the implementation of the pandemic treaty by establishing a public-private dialogue to add solutions within prevention, preparedness and risk management. The Summit will define the role of public-private partnerships in pandemic prevention and in the pandemic treaty. This complementing and public-private approach is critical under the One Health approach and a necessary add-on to pandemic prevention.

The impact is secured through creating awareness by communication through the following channels:  

Establishment of Public-Private Sector Dialogue on pandemic prevention

Delivery of a set of recommendations directly to WHO and governments during the World Health Assembly 

Linking the recommendations on prevention, preparedness and risk management to the health, biodiversity and climate agendas later in the year 

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