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Putting the Focus on Prevention in Our Systems for Health

World Resilience Summit is the latest initiative taken by the World Climate Foundation with the purpose of accelerating solutions for preparedness and prevention of future pandemics by establishing a public-private dialogue beyond the health sector. The focus of the Summit is in line with the agenda of the pandemic accord set by World Health Organization (WHO), reflecting on the past and future as well as defining recommendations within three areas: pandemic prevention, preparedness and response by raising awareness of common health security challenges and engaging relevant stakeholders. 

World Resilience Summit aims to create a more resilient world by putting the focus on aligning the public-private partnership solutions in pandemic prevention, preparedness and response measures aligned with the One Health approach – the integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimise the health of people, animals and ecosystems.

World Resilience Summit provides a crucial stakeholder engagement and networking platform for high-level announcements, thought leadership and best practices to create more awareness and address the lack of collaborative health security risk-specific solutions to create resilient health systems while following the One Health approach and strategies on a global level. 


The current pandemic has proven that despite a more-than-ever globalised world and an unprecedented level of cooperation on global issues, the risk of pandemics and potential consequences have been severely neglected and will prove an even larger challenge in the future if not properly tackled. COVID-19 has demonstrated how our environment and health are interlinked while disrupting industries across the globe in ways no one had anticipated.  

World Resilience Summit has been established by the World Climate Foundation as a response to the the existing shortfalls in prevention, coordination and mobilisation of resources to tackle existing and emerging health challenges, such as infectious diseases and health impacts of climate change. 


About the World Climate Foundation

The initiative is currently incubated at the World Climate Foundation. The World Climate Foundation has more than 10 years of experience in facilitating large-scale collaboration between businesses, governments, financial institutions and civil society on formulating and designing markets and solutions for a clean and net-zero economy. In recent years the World Climate Foundation has expanded its operations to the biodiversity and health spheres.

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