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Interview with Joseph N.C. Huang, Chairman, E.SUN Commercial Bank, at World Climate Summit 2022

In this video interview, Joseph N.C. Huang, Chairman of E.SUN Commercial Bank, describes the mission and vision of E.SUN on sustainability and ESG and presents the company’s initiatives to achieve net-zero targets by 2050.

E.SUN is a Principal Partner of World Climate Summit - The Investment COP 2022. Joseph N.C. Huang was a keynote speaker at Investment Session “New Finance in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets for Net-Zero Alignment”.

Watch the interview:


About E.SUN

E.SUN Commercial Bank, a subsidiary of E.SUN Financial Holding Company (E.SUN FHC), was established in 1992. In the spirit of Taiwan’s highest mountain, E.SUN endeavours to become Taiwan's best-performing bank for employees, and customers, and to fulfil its corporate social responsibility to Taiwan and to the world. Its operations are conducted with the highest standards of integrity, and the brand of E.SUN is built on exemplary professionalism. E.SUN is committed to developing a sustainable environment, upholding public interests and implementing corporate governance.

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About Joseph N.C. Huang

Joseph N.C. Huang, Chairman of E.SUN Commercial Bank, is committed to making E.SUN the best bank in Taiwan with his professional, passionate and persistent leadership. Under his management, E.SUN has been awarded the best bank more than dozen times and included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index 9 times. Joseph himself has received several awards and recognitions, including Best CEO in Asia Pacific from The Asian Banker, Best CEO in Asia from The Asset 6 years in a row, and Best CEO in Asia from Corporate Governance Asia for 4 times. He holds an MBA from the City University of New York and a bachelor’s degree in Science in Power Mechanical Engineering from the National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan.

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